Hi there, I’m Derek

I am a creative, web, and marketing strategist who specializes in digital projects.

My passion for business, gaming, and really nerdy things lead my work to be profitable, engaging, and high-tech.

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7 Random Facts About Me

  1. I was born and raised in Canada and work as a marketing guy for Reaction
  2. I play or think about esports and video games every day (nerd alert)
  3. I have been investing and building a portfolio for over a decade
  4. My beautiful wife and I plan to move somewhere warm together one day
  5. I manage five-figure marketing budgets and run campaigns to are seen millions of times
  6. My free time is usually spent researching crazy ideas on the internet, exercising, or tinkering in the garage
  7. I like lists

What I Spend My Time Doing

Marketing icon

Marketing things on the internet

Ranking content in search engines

Connecting with cool humans online

Nerding out over data

Applying strategy to content creation

Life Mottos

In order to do something meaningful, you have to know where you’re going in order to know how to start.

Remember to take life seriously and appreciate the little things.

There are many digital places where we can connect and I’m really into Discord right now, so you can join the community channel and send me a DM to chat.