Welcome to a sneak peek into my personal bookmarks!

Speed up workflows and look professional doing it with my list of free tools. (Not your average blog telling you to start using Zoom and Evernote)

I use a handful of these tools on a weekly basis when sending emails, managing projects, taking notes, etc, and I hope you can too!

My unique list of tools will help you fine-tune a unique tasks and add a higher level of polish to your projects.

1. Title Capitalization Tool


Having proper capitulation in your writing not only makes you look more professional, but it shows that you put extra effort into your work too.

2. Aspect Ratio Calculator


In simplest terms, aspect ratio is the relationship between the width and the height of a canvas. Just about every piece of media (pictures, videos, gifs, etc.) you see online is perfectly sized to a specific aspect ratio.

I recommend using a simple aspect ratio calculator with a few common presets and the option for custom ratios for specific projects.

3. Conversion Rate Calculator


Conversion Rate is the percentage of people who completed an action/purchase/conversion out of the number of people who did not. There are actions to be completed everywhere! Websites, emails, apps, video games, social media posts and campaigns, and of course, proposals and sales initiatives.

4. Audio Clip Trimmer


I often record client Zoom calls or training sessions and find myself needing to clip small sections for reference purposes or just cutting out dead silence as everyone joins the call. Although I am an active Adobe Suite user, loading up Audition or its free, open-source alterative Audacity, can take several minutes so I prefer a quick web-based tool.

5. Percentage Calculator


Percentage Total | Percentage Difference | Percentage Change

I use these percentage calculators to quickly figure out the growth of month-over-month leads and campaign clicks for a report.

Other random data to compare:

  • Engagement between two social posts
  • Link clicks inside an email
  • Attendees of virtual events or live podcasts

6. Colour Schemes Generator


It’s important to note that you should always follow your companies brand standards documentation when creating new media. But if you don’t have branding standards to follow, you can upload an existing image (like a logo or branded marketing material), and Coolers will create a palled based on the colour theme.

Other projects that could use a custom colour scheme:

  • Designing an infographic
  • YouTube thumbnail styling
  • Personal website or side project

Tip – Upload a stock image that you love and use that for a complimenting colour pallet for a project.

7. Free Stock Media

There are piles of free stock media websites on the internet, but many are behind some sort of marketing wall that wants your email/phone/or a social media share before it will let you download the file. I keep this list clean and update it as I add more to my tool kit.

Tip: If you know how to use the inspector inside Chrome, you can sometimes bypass data walls. It’s worth a shot!





Final Takeaway

Now you can spend less time Googling for tools and use a few on my list.

Know of a web-based tool or app I should try? Leave it in the comments. If it makes my bookmarks it will make this list!

I create content to answers questions, solves problems and eliminates roadblocks. I hope this article provides you ongoing value. 

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