You want to sound more confident on video calls, after all, how much different can it be to a group in person?

From discussing 5-figure business proposals to leading groups of mighty gamers to victory over Discord, I have a few tips that will help.

Fear of speaking to large groups of people is one of the largest phobias in the world.

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Sit Up, But Remain Comfy

Work on developing a mental cue so at the moment you’re going to speak up, you simultaneously shift in your seat to an upright position. Your audience will read that part of your body language and subconsciously take what you say more seriously.

Always Have Water On Hand

Take a sip if you need a moment to collect your thoughts. Presidents, actors, comedians, athletes, you name it, they all do it.

Talk With Your Hands

Hand gestures help put visual context to something that might be hard to describe. Some behavioural scientists even believe that talking with your hands is a quality of being a great leader.

This includes raising your hand if you have a question or need to interject.

20 Hand Gestures You Should Be Using

Show You’re Great At Listening Too

Don’t be afraid to lean in and even clutch your chin with a few fingers. If you’re taking a note, feel free to tell the person “great take, I need to write that down.”

Look The Part

When you look good, you feel good, and people can tell, trust me. Most phones, laptops, and webcams newer than 2016-18 can output a pretty decent video source, (did you know that you can use your phone as a webcam?) but it doesn’t end there. Audit the background behind you, get a quality mic, and definitely don’t wear pyjamas. 

Final Note

I challenge you to try at least one of my techniques each week, or for 5 important meetings, and have this guide open on a second monitor for quick reference. 

Keep expanding on what sticks, learn from what doesn’t, and never accept being average.

I produce content to answer questions, solves problems, and eliminates roadblocks.

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