More About Derek

I am passionate about many things in life.

I help people live and work smarter, explore their creativity and mindset, and think like an entrepreneur.

Mottos to Live by

Or at least a few things worth pondering.

  • Working hard and learning skills are the hammer and chisel needed to build a great life for yourself
  • Don’t let perfection hold back progress
  • Don’t bury a great idea in layers of production
  • Life is short, and work is hard — create an environment that brings you comfort and peace no matter what you’re doing

Casually Professional

Derek is an experienced marketing and strategy professional with a diverse background, including skilled trades and management for Fortune 500 brands. Currently serving at a leading web development agency in Canada, Derek leverages his keen insight into marketing and business development, allowing him to execute projects that have reached millions.

With his wife Rachel, Derek co-founded a luxury event and picnic planning company in 2020, adding another entrepreneurial venture to his portfolio. In the same year, he formalized providing insight and guidance through consulting and strategy services and created content to help other creators and professionals achieve their goals.

Based in Alberta, Canada, Derek’s passion for sharing his knowledge continues to drive his professional journey, contributing to the success of great brands and businesses around him.

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