I am passionate about many things in life, including entrepreneurship, gaming, productivity, cooking, and health.

I spend my time learning from experiences and applying knowledge to every area of life. I’m not about to drop some cheezy “life is a journey” quote, but the people who came up with these sayings were on to something! I believe there are ways to optimize your personal and work life  to make your journey full of passion.

Most people struggle to explore the things that inspire them. Lack of time, unsure where to start, a drop off in motivation, or a combination of all three.

Me, Derek Szyszka

My first job was at a national grocery store chain in Canada. I learned it wasn’t just about taking products out of a box and stocking shelves, but understanding the different food and household item needs for large audiences, and finding the most effective means available to give them the products they needed. COMPASSION

Adventuring in Azeroth was one of my first exposures to an economic hierarchy and the concept of “the rich get richer”. Negotiating deals and selling assets when demand is high are just a few of the many fundamentals on how currency works. Don’t forget the exchange of IRL “in real life” time too. KNOWLEDGE

Working as an automotive technician taught me the importance of staying organized, taking great notes, and maximizing your efficiency. Transitioning into manager scrupled my ability to lead a team through complex projects resulting in huge win for our customers and company. GUIDANCE

Since leveraging my skill-set to grow a professional career in marketing, I have developed new passions for all aspects of business and sales, media production, and branding. I’ve had the privilege to work with some major industry players on complex web problems and national campaigns seen by millions. Gaining a true insight into the level of effort it takes to be successful. PASSION

I Believe Everyone Should:

  • Shape their lives around their PASSIONS
  • Take pride in their work and GUIDE others along the way to greatness.
  • Find pockets of KNOWLEDGE in every area of life where you’d least expect it.
  • Look at situations through the perspective of others and show COMPASSION for their needs.

And I know I can help you get there.