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Inspired by the award winning game: World of Warcraft

Whether you already have mini routines and personal rituals throughout the day, or you’re interested in starting to develop better overall habits, this phone and computer wallpaper was designed to gently remind us of easy ways to live healthy every day.

Backstory behind the concept

In a pile of online games, especially MMO RPGs, there are daily activities called Daily Quests. In World of Warcraft, these daily quests can reward you with things like currency and reputation which ultimately make your character more powerful.

I reverse engineered daily game activities into daily real-life activities and communicated them through a designed phone and computer desktop wallpaper.

Daily life quests!

Do Your Dailies for desktop

Do Your Dailies for mobile

Seeing this on my phone all day really helps with my overall health. I never let myself feel bad for having a few lazy days here and there, but I never let myself have more than two lazy ones in a row.

If you have a specific monitor, laptop size or phone, send me an email and I’ll make you the perfect size.