Professional Strategy, Coaching & Consulting

There’s so much more to marketing, brand building, and business than just ideas, and that’s why I’m here.

Be honest with yourself

Monthly coaching programs usually suck.

They lock people into unnecessary subscriptions.

And coaches hold back advice just to get you on another call.

Having led and supported 1000s of creative, business, and marketing projects in a variety of industries, I’ve learned a thing or two about progress and growth.

01. Marketing & Social Media Coaching

Being personally involved in thousands of successful creative projects, I can help you avoid costly mistakes that are hurting your growth.

02. Brand Strategy & Reputation Management

What your brand communicates and how that relates to your overall position in the competitive marketplace can make or break your long-term success.

03. AI Navigation

Unless AI takes over the world, you need help navigating generative language models and artificial intelligence tools.

04. SEO Content

Don’t let poorly-written content ruin hours of production time and limit the discoverability of your brand.

05. Product Development & Naming

Don’t let the strategy for what you’re selling confuse your customers and turn them away.

06. Content Strategy & Process

Ideas are worthless without proper execution and a process to replicate the results.

07. Business Development Consulting

Ideas and concepts only go so far. I’ve seen inside hundreds of companies to understand where success comes from.

08. Customer Journey Mapping

Most businesses make the critical mistake of focusing too much on only one or two phases of the complete journey that customers have with their brand.

Consulting With Derek

Providing simple solutions for complex problems is why I’m here. Let’s start by having a quick call to discuss your goals and what you’re trying to achieve.

  • Initial chats are always free
  • We can chat on Google Meet or Discord
  • All files and documents are shared via Google Drive

Let’s talk


  • $50/100 /per 30/60 min strategy session
  • $100 /hour project work (starting at)

Meet Your Guide

Derek Szyszka is an experienced marketing and strategy professional with a diverse background, including skilled trades and management for Fortune 500 brands. Leveraging his keen insight into marketing and business development, Derek has executed projects that have reached millions.

Based in Alberta, Canada, Derek’s passion for sharing his knowledge drives his professional journey, contributing to the success of brands and businesses around him.

Established in 2020, Derek is the owner and founder of Sans Flash, a creative and consulting studio with a minimalistic approach to complex problem-solving.