OBS Vertical Plugin [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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Creating vertical content presents unique design challenges that require a different production approach to composition and layout. And you’re here because you want an easy way to produce vertical content with OBS.

The Aitum Vertical plugin is the tool you’ve been searching for!

With the Aitum Vertical plugin, you can manage your vertical content on a separate canvas and effortlessly synchronize your standard and vertical scenes. This means you can focus more on creating captivating content and less on the technicalities of formatting and synchronization.

The Aitum Vertical Plugin for OBS

Online personality, Harris Heller, demoing the Aitum Vertical Plugin. media source: obsproject.com
(media source: obsproject.com)

Using the Aitum Vertical Plugin

To use the Aitum Vertical plugin: start by installing it on your OBS. Then:

  • Install the Aitum Vertical Plugin on your OBS
  • Set up your vertical canvas and start creating your scenes
  • Sink your standard and vertical scenes


Note: This plugin is known to be working as of August 2023.

Full credit to Aitum and Harris Heller.