6 Easy Ways to Live More Productively (work from home tips too)

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Take Inventory of Your Clothes and Plan an Easily Repeatable Wardrobe for a Full 7 Days

The vast majority of people will never realize you wear more or less the same thing every week. and if you continue this habit, you will save yourself time and money in the long run.

Also, when you exclusively shop at one or two clothing stores, finding items that go well with each other will be nearly effortless because their product designers have consistent styles to coordinate within their stores.

TipTop and Lululemon are two perfect examples of this.

Invest in a Mechanical Keyboard & Productivity Mouse

Using high-quality and modern tech will make everything you do on the computer better. You will also be able to automate tasks with custom macro buttons that come equipped with so many gaming and productivity accessories.

Create a Routine to Optimize the End of Your Day

You’ll find TONS of resources online on the best ways to start your day, but it’s quite a bit rare to think about the best way to end your day.

My routine is simple, make a tea, stretch or meditate, clean up my desk, make sure to escape into a show/game/book/etc. and do it every day. No exceptions.

Upgrade Your Surrounding

I am a big fan of switching things up, and if you have any pictures, books, or trinkets in your office that no longer inspire you, I’m not saying toss them, but change them out for something else.

If you don’t already, I recommend having a small desk lamp that will fit a standard A19 bulb. Buy a colour change LED smart bulb and set it to a soothing ambient glow. I often cycle through various earthy greens, ocean blues, and flickering candlelight.

Don’t overthink things or be too hard on yourself

Statements from leaders, big brands on social, and publishers that get millions of website visitors all REGULARELLY make typos and forget to use commas. Silly mistakes will happen; how you react to them is the only thing you have control over.

Consider Using Notion

I can truly say that Notion has changed my life. Notion can be for anything you want, taking basic notes, writing books or blogs, project management, or all of the above.

My wife has a houseplant database with simple species and care information. (we have a lot of plants).

Some use Notion as their Life Operating System; check out August Bradley on YouTube. Notion is not quite there yet for me, but I have a feeling I’ll be using Notion for a very long time.

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