How I Launched the New Brand for Reaction Digital

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Project Overview

When the Canadian WordPress agency Reaction Digital (where I work ?) decided to refresh its identity, we knew we needed to launch fast and hit the ground running!

The project kicked off in late November 2020. Although the Christmas holidays were coming up soon, as a team, we started exploring concepts for our updated logo, refined messaging, and overall style. The new brand also included launching a new WordPress website and having it live with the new branding in Q1 2021.

What We Delivered in the New Brand Launch

  • 8-part launch video series
  • New key message
  • A Storybrand language framework doc
  • A custom WordPress website
  • Multiple promotional emails
  • 60+ social posts

1. Create a Brand Campaign & Cool Concept

For me, it was about sharing the story of Reaction, and what changes they’ve made to merit a cool rebrand. And I fully produced and edited an 8-part video series all about it on YouTube.

I planned a campaign stretching over 60 days, releasing 1-2 videos per week along with storytelling social posts to fill the gaps throughout the week.

Video 1 – Shows a brief look at Reaction’s history and how they’ve doubled down on what we do best

Video 2 – Explains a little about audience personas, and we walk through who our most ideal customers are.

Video 3 – We now have a new look and narrowed focus on the people we want to do business with, so naturally, we introduce a new key message and tagline.

Video 4 – Mike Szyszka, the CEO, explains the challenges of the current website and brand, and how we plan to tackle them with our new identity.

Video 5 – The big reveal! We officially show off thenew logo, brand colours, iconography, fonts, etc., and how the new brand can be expressed across various formats and media.

Video 6 – We show our digital brand guidelines that explain exactly how to execute the brand, so it’s used consistently, no matter who is working on a project. See an example at

Video 7 – It wouldn’t be a rebrand without a brand-new website, so in this video, CEO Mike gives a live walkthrough of the new site

Video 8 – Producing this behind-the-scenes video series was a blast, and there were a ton of funny moments captured, so I knew a final “thank you for watching” video with a handful of bloopers would wrap things up nicely.

2. Use a Content Calendar

The story didn’t end with just 8 videos on YouTube. Over the course of 8-weeks, I managed over 60 pieces of custom-curated content across Reaction’s marketing channels. Including juicy sneak peeks of the new logo, carousels of mockups, and additional teaser videos to generate more brand awareness.

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3. Onboard the Whole Team

With the new brand identity solidified, it was time to brief the team on our new look fully. I put together a 20-slide presentation to show off the new brand, new audience personas, mockups of the new website, and how the 8-week launch will roll out. The presentation was nothing fancy, but the team all needed to be on the same page with the new image of the agency.

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If everything always goes smoothly without a catch, you’ll never learn how to view problems from multiple perspectives and quickly adapt to new plans.

– Derek Szyszka

4. Prepare for Roadblocks

Throughout the launch, it was inevitable that some aspects of the project would go sideways. The brand launch for Reaction Digital had a few production hiccups related to the messaging and website. So what was originally a 4-5 week launch turned into an 8-week schedule.

  • I had to remake the third video because the key message was revised when we started writing website content
  • The live database of the new website was accidentally overwritten, causing 4 days of lost work
  • Over 40 planned, approved, and scheduled content pieces had to be pushed out and rescheduled

Making the brand launch a success was my biggest priority. It was critical for me to adapt, adjust, and plan accordingly because there were a lot of moving parts. I communicated regularly with the team to make sure everyone was informed and motivated about the new brand.

5. Design & Share Some Awesome Looking Swag

It wouldn’t be a rebrand without some awesome company swag. A coaster, shirt, mug, pen, homemade candle, and a cookie (which I ate ?) were custom designed and sent to staff and clients all over the world.

6. Plan a Virtual Launch Party

In the final week of the launch, we hosted a virtual party over Zoom. We send out a pile of personal emails to our clients and close contacts inviting them to the launch part.

It was a challenge to think of something different and exciting to do virtually. We found a professional mentalist entertainer through the hashtag #zoommagic on Instagram, who put on an amazing interactive show that left all of our guests smiling.

A big shoutout to Nitin Ramal at for putting on an amazing show!